BLONDEIST has been formulated with ADVANCED DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY which Lifts, Protects and Conditions in one step.

Our Exclusive active ingredients form a protecting Jelly-Like web allowing BLONDEIST to maximize the lift and avoid any damage.

Lifts up to 9 Levels while providing a deep conditioning effect throughout the entire application.

Procuct Size: 500 gr

B Lift

B-lift is a state-of-the-art high performance lightener which adheres strongly to the hair shaft. It lifts up to 7 levels, giving superb clean bright results. Its soft creamy consistency is ideal for foiling,  free hand lightening,  color melting and balayage.

Formulated with PQ-10 and Wheat Proteins for maximum control and for lightening hair evenly and quickly.


Use 25g of powder (1 part) + 37.5g (1.5 parts) of y

our choice of 10/20/30/40 OXY Developer. Develop for 30-50 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after processing.

Product Size: 500 gr